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Guangzhou tourism business vocational school recru


Responsibility description :
1. Using Sesame Street English's own teaching material to teach 3-8 year olds English Teaching
2. Making courseware, teaching aids and other preparations.
3. Participate in regular training, teaching and research activities of the Ministry of education.
4. Communicate with parents in time to feedback students' learning situation.
5.Complete other tasks arranged by teaching supervisor.

Tenure requirements :
1、Bachelor degree or above, CET-4 or CET-6 or above, at least two years'teaching experience in English training institutions
2、At least two years' management experience in a well-known training institution (not less than 10 people).
3、Have a profound understanding of the characteristics, trends, educational concepts, methods, parents/children's thinking mode, campus operation mode and laws of the children's education industry and rich practical experience
4、Strong professional (professional) quality, communication and coordination ability, learning ability, mature personality, stable and mellow; good at handling and controlling interpersonal relationships and conflicts at different levels, good at managing and leading employees of different personalities and types; honest, honest, frank, dedicated to work, fair and public Yes, willing to help others, be good at discovering and giving play to the strengths and strengths of employees, and helping employees grow in their careers.
5、拥Profound academic background, profound understanding and understanding of curriculum, courseware and teaching, ability and experience of curriculum research and development, innovation < br /> 6, team management awareness, ability and methods, strong data awareness, result awareness, strong work planning and execution It has strong flexibility and acuity, is good at discovering the problems existing in the team and members in time, and takes effective measures to adjust them in time and effectively
7、MS Word、Excel、Power Point Point