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The school held an enlarged meeting of the Party C


On the afternoon of May 8, 2018, the Seventh Party Branch of our school organized a special study meeting on the seventh floor of the administrative building to mobilize all Party members to completely eliminate the influence of Li Jia and Wanqing. All the party members in the branch attended the meeting.

Comrade Xu Honghua, Secretary of the Party branch, chaired the learning mobilization meeting. First of all, Secretary Xu Honghua began with a profound understanding of Li Jia and Wan Qingliang's drug abuse, and with the members of the Party branch present, he analyzed the root causes of drug abuse from three aspects, and cited one example and three examples to remind Party members and comrades to be vigilant in all aspects of daily practical work that are prone to problems. Secretary Xu Honghua called on all Party members in the Party branch to firmly establish the "four consciousness", draw lessons from it, take precautions from it, resolutely and thoroughly eliminate the influence of drug abortion politically, ideologically, organizationally and in their style of work; actively carry out warning education, taking Li Jia and Wan Qingliang as negative teaching materials, and compare their work experience. Cheng Zhong carried out self-examination and self-rectification in an all-round way, drew lessons from it, and strengthened political vigilance and political discrimination.

Comrade Wu Haohong, Party member of the Party branch and headmaster of the school, through his own understanding, shared with the members of the Party branch present the three advantageous weapons that ordinary Party members at the grass-roots level should recognize, contact with their own work and take the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress as a clear understanding of wrong ideas, resolutely and thoroughly eliminate Li Jia and Wanqing's vicious and pernicious activities.

Following the study and mobilization meeting, the Seventh Party Branch also conducted democratic elections and elected two comrades Wu Jianming and Xu Jiaping as candidates for the next Party branch secretary.