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Students from both sides of the Taiwan Strait are


From October 19 to 20, Dean Chen, School of Hotel Management, Singapore Bowei Institute of International Education, and Director Zhang, Department of Overseas Cooperation, visited our school for teaching exchange.

Professor Chen has many years of teaching experience and rich industry experience. He has created an all-English language environment in teaching. He has taught part of the core knowledge of the specialized courses of Bowei International College of Education to the students of the Singapore English characteristic class of the first grade in our school. It is helpful for the students to feel the atmosphere of studying abroad in advance and have a good aim. We should adjust our English learning habits and methods. The classroom atmosphere is active, effectively mobilizing students'enthusiasm for interaction in the classroom. After class, students have talked with President Chen about their learning and future vision. During the teaching exchange, Professor Chen and our school's travel management teachers also gave academic lectures on the interpretation and reference of Singapore's Hotel laws and regulations. They also gave lectures on how to make better use of Bowei's teaching materials to ensure that students can study in Singapore smoothly after completing their pre-course credits. Guidance.