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Interns of school leaders during the 123rd Trade F


On the morning of April 26, Secretary Wang Yong of the Party Committee, Vice President Wang Chaohui, Director of Huang Guoting of the School Enterprise Office, Chief of Hu Qiuyue of the Academic Affairs Department and Vice-Director of You Cuifeng of the Office went to Guangzhou Tower and Kanglade Hotel to make a routine inspection of the internship of our school at the 123rd Fair.

School leaders visited the representative enterprises that accepted our interns: Guangzhou Tower, Conrad Hotel, visited the students in the front line of internship, and held discussions with the enterprises, including student internship employment, curriculum construction, customized class cooperation and so on. Leaders through the inspection to obtain the expectations of enterprises for school teaching, grasp first-hand information, in order to better carry out the work in the future.