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Deepen the integration of production and education


    In February 5th this year, the world's culinary competition in the Republic of paux and the China trials in 2018 ended perfectly. The competition is jointly sponsored by Guangzhou Lingnan International Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lingnan Group") and France Olympic Games and Exhibition Group, and co-sponsored by Guangzhou Tourism Business Vocational School. Bogus World Cuisine Competition is the world's top authoritative culinary competition with the reputation of "Olympic Cuisine". The successful holding of the 2018 World trials of the 2018 World Cup in China was highly affirmed by the Organizing Committee of the world cuisine competition of the Republic of pauus. It will add luster to the charm of "gourmet capital" and add new elements and vitality to the "one belt and one road" construction. At the same time, schools and Guangzhou leading enterprises in south of the Five Ridges group closer cooperation, more in-depth understanding.

    In order to implement the "Measures for Promoting School-Enterprise Cooperation in Vocational Schools" issued by the six ministries and commissions of the Ministry of Education, tourism enterprises and our school should take cooperation in vocational education and training as the main content, as well as various related cooperative activities. On the morning of March 19, 2018, the school leadership and some responsible comrades visited Lingnan Group under the leadership of President Wu Haohong.


    The talks were conducted in a sincere and open atmosphere. Chairman Feng Jin of Lingnan Group expressed his sincere thanks for the unselfish support of the school in the 2018 China Regional Cuisine Competition of the Bogus World Cuisine Competition. He also expressed his sincere thanks for the long-term in-depth cooperation between the school and the enterprise in personnel training, technology research and development, and looked forward to the school's further development in the tourism industry. . Chairman Feng Jin said that General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech during the Guangdong delegation's deliberations on the morning of March 7 aroused a warm response. Guangzhou's tourism industry is facing new opportunities. Travel industry employees should have more sense of dignity, pride, and a sense of mission to strive for the cause of tourism for life. South of the Five Ridges's brand building will strive for the top three of the national tourism enterprises.

    In his speech, President Wu Haohong mentioned that the school has a long history of cooperation with Lingnan Group. It is the trust of the school that Lingnan Group chose our school to co-organize the Bogus China Qualifying Competition. The preparation of this contest has trained the school team, is a test of school level, let us have a higher vision, truly achieve the international target, a lot of harvest. According to the "Measures for Promoting School-Enterprise Cooperation in Vocational Schools" of the six ministries and commissions of the State, the cooperation between schools and enterprises should be promoted, including the cooperation in training by utilizing the resources of the Vocational Education Group, aiming at the market, keeping up with the market demand, and cooperating with Lingnan Group in the construction of the curriculum system, so as to actively find a way in the reform and innovate. China will strive for development and push the work of school enterprise cooperation to a new height.